Internet Engineering Seminars & Meetings

*Meetings (2Q 2013):

Seminars: 14:00-15:00 every Monday

Lunch Paper Club: 12:00-13:00 every Tuesday

Date Status Topic Who
Mon 6 May Intro Gorry
Tue 7 TMIX Intro Raffaello
Mon 13 14:00 DART Status & plans for experiments Nikhil
Tue 14 Co-Del and PI - what are they doing? Eduard
Mon 20 14:00 TCP IW analysis goals and experiment results Ahmed
Tue 21 11:30 -new time Circuit Breaker implementation
- inputs from Colin Perkins
Mon 27 14:00 RMCAT status
-goals for webRTC congestion control
Tue 28 12:00 Feedback from NextGen Conference
Room 810 MacRobert
Sid, Chamil, Zia, Eduard
Mon 3 June ???
Tue 4 June ???
Mon 10 June new-CWV experience & final algorithm Zia (Raffaello)
Thu 14 June 11:40-12:30 "Sprout" - A rate adaptive transport for video
Gorry (showing video of talk)
Mon 17th June SPDY via satellite Sid (Raffaello)
Tues 18 th June 1200-1300 PGNET practice Video +PSATS Nazila + Nuruddeen + Zia
24th June
(No GF/RS)
x Comparison of Methods for Accelerating the Response Time of Internet Sessions Ahmed
Mid July TBD Julien

Group Presentations
  • Implementing new-cwv Zia
  • PAWS Project Landscape ???
Lunch Time Papers
  • What's wrong with Wi-Fi? by Dave Täht (Wksh2DPHCDI - 30 mins)
  • TCP-Laminar
  • IP Routing and Forwarding Tutorial (GF)

*Up-Coming Meetings (1Q 2013):

Seminars: 10:00-11:30 every Monday


Paper Club: 12:00-13:00 every Tuesday
Date Status Topic Who
12:00 Tue, 15-01-2013 Planning Seminars Gorry
12:00, Tue 22-01-2013 PhD Preview Multicast Nikhil
10:00, Mon 28-01-2013 General meeting Gorry
11:30 Wed, 30-01-2013 PhD Public Presentation for viva defence (11:30 -12:00) Room FN 213 Nikhil
14:00 Wed, 30-01-2013 A technical introduction to TCP (14:00-17:00), Room FN 213 Gorry/Raffaello
9:00 Thu 31-01-2013 SatNEx Workshop TCP and new-web (9:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00) Room FN 279 Gorry/Raffaello
10:00, Mon 4-02-2013 Experimenting with forwarding strategies for RA for web acceleration, Room FN 213 Ahmed
12:00, Tue 5-02-2013 Review of CoDel Journal Paper, Room FN 213 Eduard
9:30-16:30, Mon 11-02-2013 Maximising your Impact at Conferences (PG Researchers) - See Zia College
12:00, Tue 12-02-2013 draft-zhu-rmcat-nada-00 Nurrudeen
10:00, Fri 15-02-2013 The SIRA case studies (summary talk) Leanne/Nikhil
10:00, Mon 18-02-2013 Understanding UDP-based video buffering within an IP network Nazila
12:00, Tue 19-02-2013 Introduction to video coding (No GF) Sajid
10:00, Mon 25-02-2013 Using the Zigduino as a sensor platform with 6lowpan Ni
12:00, Tue 26-02-2013 Preview of PG symposium Talks ALL PGs
Thurs 28-02-2013 School PG Seminar

Q4 2012
Date Topic Who
Tue 18th Sept, 14:00 ERG Start of Term meeting Gorry
Thu 20th Sept, 12:00 Introduction to new people in research team
and PhD Research Overview/Plan
Ni Zhu
Tue 25th Sept, 14:00 PhD Research Overview/Plan Nuruddeen
Thu 27th Sept, 12:00 ?
Tue 2nd Oct, 14:00 WiSE platform presentation Sajid et al
Thu 4th Oct 12:00 No meeting
Tue 9th Oct, 14:00 ICCRG: new-CWV Arjuna
Thu 11th Oct, 12:00 SIRA Talk - prep for Digital Futures Conf Zia
Tue 16th Oct, 14:00 Update on SPDY work at IETF Raffaello
Thu 18th Oct, 12:00 CANCELLED - conflicting time slot
23-25th Oct Digital Futures Conference, AECC, Aberdeen ---
Tue 30th Oct, 14:00 Group meeting Gorry
Thu 1st Nov, 12:00 Update on work at IETF Gorry
4th-9th Nov IETF Meeting in Atlanta
Tue 6th Nov, 14:00 ? ???
Thu 8th Nov, 12:00 ? ???
Tue 13th Nov, 14:00 Seminar plans and news TBD
*Wed* 14th Nov, 12:00 IETF RTCweb/WebRTC & RMCAT Gorry
Tue 20th Nov, 14:00 RA DAMA and TCP - next steps Ahmed
Thu 22nd Nov, 12:00 XXXX Talk to be decided [No Gorry - RITE]
Tue 27th Nov, 14:00 RITE Overview Gorry/Raffaello
*Wed* 28th Nov Trialing IPTV - Colin Perkins, Univ Galsgow Colin
Tue 4th Dec, 14:00 Results of experiments using Hylas-I Zia
Thu 7th Dec, 12:00 Update on simulation of Video/IP Narudeen
Tue 10-13th Dec ACM CoNEXT [No Gorry CONEXT /ESA HLS-MAC] RF/GF
End of Term event

* Other Meetings

Date Time Topic Who
Tues 12th June 2012 14:00 SPDY presentation made at the Ruby Convention Gorry
Mon 18th June 2012 14:00 Overview of WiSE and Wise Concept Gorry, Rene, Fabio
Tue 19th June 2012 14:00 SPDY I-D Raffaello
Mon 25th June 2012 14:00 To Be Confirmed - offers please ???

Date Time Topic Speaker
Tues 8th May 14:00 Technology overview of WiSE Project Gorry
14th May (LUNCH) 13:00 draft-perkins-avtcore-rtp-circuit-breakers-00
15th May 14:00 TBC - Talk --- GF organising dot.rural review ANY OFFERS?
21st May (LUNCH 13:00 draft-jobert-tsvwg-pre-congest-notif-mobile-00
22nd May 14:00 TBC - Talk --- GF doing exam ANY OFFERS?
28th May (LUNCH) 13:00 Paper to be confirmed by GF - J Club Nikhil
29th May 14:00 Adaptable Video Transport (details TBC) Nazilla
Thurs 19th April 14:00 End-to-End Transmission Control
by Modeling Uncertainty about the Network State
Tues 24th April 14:00 Research Overview - TCP Startup Ahmed
Mon 30th April (LUNCH) 13:00 DART/SIRA Avanti Platform Zia, Arrjuna
& Gorry
Thur 3rd May 15:00 QoS and RCs for RCSv2 - NOTE new time Zia
Fri 4th May 13:00 SatNEX "New Web" (short talk, bring lunch if you like) Raffaello & Gorry
Mon 7th May (LUNCH) 13:00 draft-hurtig-tcpm-rtorestart-01

* Conferences/ Meetings:

• PGNET deadline, FINAL date 23rd April
• Dot.rural Review Meeting, Aberdeen
15th May 2012
- G Fairhurst• SatNEx Assembly, Noordwidjk
16th May 2012
- G Fairhurst
• Capacity Sharing Workshop and ACM CoNEXT 
- G Fairhurst + Others?

*Friday 24th Feb 2012

Title: “Resource-Adaptive Multimedia Computing”

Speaker: Fabio Verdicchio (Electronics and Optical Engineering, Aberdeen)

Time: 12-13, Venue: MT2 (Meston)

4th April 2012

ICT4D: contradiction or tautology?
Professor Tim Unwin, Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, Cross College seminar on Information communication technology for development (ICT4D). 4th April 2012, Room 0.28, MacRobert Building, 1230 to 1400

Israfil Biswas: PhD Presentation - All welcome, (30 mins) 11:00 9th Jan 2012.

Michael Welzl: "Moving the Internet's Transport Layer Ahead", Guest Lecture, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

The Internet's transport layer has been called "ossified", but we don't have to simply accept that and do the ostrich thing. Even ostriches don't really do it - according to Wikipedia, "Contrary to popular belief, Ostriches do not bury their heads in sand". After explaining some design faults that have contributed to ossification, I will give an overview of methods that could be implemented to conjointly achieve a real change.

Gorry Fairhurst: Adaptive Video Transport. 8 December 2011 at 14:00, Room FN 279

G Fairhurst: Overview of SLAs and QoS for satellite broadband, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 6/10/2011 14:00

Ahmed: Impact of Initial loss on TCP, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 13/10/2011 14:00.

G Fairhurst: "The DVB-RCS Standard in 2.5 hours" Monday 4th July, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Arjuna Sathiaseelan: Pervasive Internet: Rural reality or pipe dream?

dot.rural Communications Engineering Research Fellow, Community Hall, Bonar Bridge, IV24 3EA (Public Talk)

Simon Dobson: University of St Andrews Wednesday 2nd Feb (Comp Sci) Sensor and sense-ability building systems in the face of uncertainty.

Fred Baker: Coexistence and Transition: Implementing IPv4 andIPv6 Friday 4 Feb 2011, 14:00-15:00 Room B.2, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University.

Nic Race: The Wray Broadband Project: Five years of research ‘in the wild’ 3.30-4.30 pm Wednesday 16th February 2011, MacRobert MR304, University of Aberdeen.

Coordination Meeting: - All ERG People, 1:00 Friday 25th February 2011 Room 919, 9th Floor MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen.

Research Meeting: SCONE in Aberdeen, Meeting Room, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 14:00-17:30 4th March 2011.

Nimbe Ewald: What will DART be used for? A brief introduction to DART, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Ahmed Yusuf: "A Taxonmomy for Random Access", School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Nimbe Ewald: Speed Science - Monday 14th March 2011, 19:00 - 21:00 Under the Hammer, North Silver Street, Aberdeen (Public Talk).

Graham Peters, Nick Race, Nimbe Ewald & Gorry Fairhurst: DART Applications Workshop Afternoon, Thursday 17th March , MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen

National Science and Engineering: G Fairhurst, P Febvre (Inmarsat), G Peters (Avanti), N Race (Uni Lancs), John Ashworth (Astrium): Launching Internet for Everyone!, King’s College Conference Centre, University of Aberdeen, 19:00 – 21:00, Thursday 17th March, (Public Talk).

P Febvre (Inmarsat): Paul Febvre: Satellite Comms, EE Students invited, 9:00:10:00 Friday (Undergrad Class Lecture).

Project Meeting: Taj Struman & Raffaello, 9:30 Friday Project status review

G Fairhurst: Update on QoS in DVB-RCS-ng 10:30 Friday 18th March 2011 Room 919, 9th Floor MacRobert Building, King Street, Aberdeen.

Paul Febvre: Mobile Satellite 11:30-13:00 Friday 18th March 2011, Room 919, 9th Floor MacRobert Building, King Street, Aberdeen

G Fairhurst: Birth of a new Internet Transport: the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Wednesday 23 March 2011, 14:00-15:00 (Meston, CS Seminar)

Conference: SatNEx III Summer School 2011 initiative on Satellite Communications and Networking, Siena, Italy, Faculty of Engineering, September 5-9, 2011 http://satnexiiisummerschool2011.dii.unisi.it/programme.html

G Fairhurst: New work - a quick overview of new projects started in our labs and those in the "pipeline" for later this year! School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Nimbe Ewald: OSPF Routing recommendations to TM-RCS - School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Israfil Biswas: Motivation and Goals for PhD - School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen., 15/9/2011

Ahmed/Zia/Anjani: Key topics and feedback from Summer School and SatNEx School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen - this session ONLY at 15:00-15:50, 22/9/2011

Raffaello Secchi: PCN - what is it? how does it work? School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Arjuna Sathiaseelan: Presentation on SIRA, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 3/11/2011

Arjuna Sathiaseelan, G Fairhurst Leanne Townsend: SIRA Projecy, MacRobert, University of Aberdeen.

Nikhil: IGMP proxy control for DVB-RCS, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, 10/11/2011 14:00.

Yan: Innovate UK, Lonson, Oct 2011.

Arjuna Sathiaseelan, G Fairhurst: results and talks about the School's Avanti Terminal, 1 December 2011 14:00 Room FN 279

K Pine: Video Experiments via Avanti terminal, 12:30 - 14:00 7 December, Room FN 279

Nazila/Narudeen: Packet Video 14 December 2011 12:30 - 14:00 Room EE lab

Ahmed: Random Access Channels, Thurs 15 December 2011 @ 14:00, Room FN 279.

Israfil: PhD results, Tue 20 December 2011 @ 15:00- 16:00, Room FN 279.

Anjani:LEDBAT protocols Thurs 23 December 2011@ 14:00-15:00, Room FN 279